Anna Rose

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Anna Rose

Anna Rose is a fetish model, slavegirl and ponygirl. Born in the USA, she moved to the Netherlands in 1996, where she met her husband, Uwe Rose. In 2009 they moved to Bavaria.


Anna Rose is featured on the sites Alterpic! (as a slave) and Kinky Ponygirl.

Anna Rose has a published book called "My Love - Diary of a Loving S/M Relationship" - Photography by Uwe Rose.

Book reviews

  • Anna has invited us into the play space of advanced and sophisticated BDSM practioners, but players at every level of exploration can benefit from her insightful recollections of the road that brought her to her current destination. It would be hard to think of more inspirational reading for newcomers to the world of D/s relationships. --Ernest Greene - Editor of Hustlers Taboo Magazine
  • It is a pleasure to be able to report that despite the odds being stacked against it, Anna Rose's book is not some piece of hopelessly amateur vanity publishing that a real friend would have advised against. --Tony Mitchell - Editor of Skin Two Magazine.
  • When you start reading you can feel the sheer love this girl has for her Master. Each phrase is a stroke of devotion, a plead for more punishments and loving every second of it. When she is dominated, she s in paradise. What a great ode to their love. --Jurgen Boedt - Editor of Secret Magazine
Product Description

"My Love" shows pictures of slavegirl Anna Rose taken by her Master during their play. All of these photographs have been digitally enhanced and altered by Anna herself to present a creative artistic touch. The text which accompanies these pictures is written by Anna describing the feelings she has had in these situations. This book serves as an explicit record of 2 years of her life showing her servitude inside various forms of bondage. Anna shares with you her deep intimate thoughts and experiences of her journey being her Master's slavegirl.

You can buy this book from Amazon.

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