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JG-Leathers in diving suit.JPG

JG-Leathers is the pen name of one of the more advanced BDSM advocates, active since the late 1970s.

While he is noted for creating most of normal function though elaborate BDSM items that have been featured in several notable early BDSM films such as the female horse equipment used in "Pony Girl 1" (1985) from California Star (now illegal to own in USA as the film featured the then underage Traci Lords, as she was 17 at the time), he is best known for creating "The Creature" which is basically an elaborate full body containment suit. Some people believe that this is supposed to approximate an isolation chamber, as the suit is usually shown suspended rather than with the wearer walking around.

JG still designs and masters elaborate devices and suits on occasion today though far less than in his earlier days.

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