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Kumi Monster on the cover of Skin Two magazine #53 (2005). Photo: Kelly Lind. Latex: Fierce Couture
Kumi on the cover of Marquis #11 (1997). Photo: Steve Diet Goedde. Latex: So Hip It Hurts

Kumi Monster is an American fetish model, known for her extensive bondage and latex modelling and completely bald head although she wears wigs when called for.


Kumi has worked with almost every major fetish and underground photographer in her career. Steve Diet Goedde, Christine Kessler, Robert Zak, Peter W. Czernich, Ben Westwood, Christophe Mourthé, and Gilles Berquet are among the more well-known and familiar names.

She has worked with numerous fetish designers but normally works with Harald Wilfer, Vex Clothing and Atsuko Kudo.

Kumi is a regular performer at Torture Garden in London but she also performs at numerous events in cities such as Los Angeles, Phoenix (Arizona Fetish Ball), Honolulu, Tampa, Montreal (KinkyFestival), Amsterdam (Wasteland), Berlin (German Fetish Ball Weekend), Vienna, Athens, Lisbon, Rome, Stockholm (Dekadance_Fetish_Club), Copenhagen (Manifest Fetish Club), Tallinn, Warsaw, Tokyo, Sydney, Christchurch, and many others. She also works behind the scenes in production, most recently with Fetish Evolution Weekend.

In 2007, Kumi was invited to DasArts (School of Advance Performance Arts) in Amsterdam to perform her Elements of Suffering bondage installation with Fetish Diva Midori which was first presented as a 90-minute show at Torture Garden's Birthday event in London (with Midori & Mistress Amrita).

Kumi has rarely appeared in full length fetish films that have been released, though she has been included in a handful of segmented/compilation releases such as Simon Benson's "Petgirls Divas Compilation 2"; rope shibari films including "A Date with Danger" where Kumi was featured in a seperate segment against Anastasia Pierce, the similar "Lipstick & Latex" (from Bon Vue). Her feature starring films have included "Vacbed - A Latex Fantasy" a re-creation of her X-mas photo-shoot set for vacbed.com; "When Kumi Met Julie (Simone)" (from Harmony Concepts) and a small though featured role as the new rubber convert in Robert Zak's "Rubberella 3: The Facility" where she was head shaved on screen. She also has a role in Part 4 of Fetish Academy (Marquis Films).

She has three SIGNY Award finishes from 2003, 2004, and 2005 (places 9, 8, 17 respectively). She also has two European Fetish Award nominations - Special Achievement: 2008 ("for her long-time achievement"), 2010 ("for her ongoing work all around the world"). In 2011 she won for "her retirement from modelling, for enriching our scene in so many different ways".


Kumi publicly announced in August 2010 on her blog that her "days of working as a fetish model are [over]". She listed no public reason for her retirment. It was also not stated if she would be removing her public webpages as she is now retired.

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