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The LatexWiki is a free latex fetish encyclopedia that anyone can edit, an online resource for latex fetishists, rubberists and rainwear lovers!

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LatexWiki is a wiki dedicated to cataloging the wonderful world of latex fetishism, covering everything from latex clothing and fetish models, to events in the fetish community and many other sources.

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Featured Photo: Ausrie Fel

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Featured Article: Alexander Horn

Alexander Horn is a German latex fetish photographer and owner of several websites, such as LatexNews, L.A.TEX and

Born in 1968, he soon started to discover his fetish for shiny clothing. During a trip to San Francisco in the 1980s, he discovered latex clothing and bought his first latex outfits there at Stormy Leather.

In the early 1990s, at a time when the Internet was still in its infancy, he did not find the kind of fetish imagery that he was looking for. At the time, there were hardly any websites that featured original fetish photography. He decided to help fill that void and started his free L.A.TEX Website in 1995, featuring his own fetish photography. Basically he created the website that he had been looking for.

Simultaneously to his photography, he also worked in video, including some CGI. His music video "Schall" for techno project "Elektrochemie LK" even won an award. As his trademark, he added a brief latex scene to the video.

His latex fetish is mainly for catsuits, inflatable outfits, masks and latex bondage wear, both on his models and on himself. In his photography he prefers futuristic settings like modern architecture to the classic settings of decay as found in old factories, castles or other popular locations.

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